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Are you feeling stressed? Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling like your life is going nowhere?

Are you needing change but don't know where to start?

Is worry and anxiety keeping you awake at night?

Are you tired of being sick and tired?

What Can I Do For You?

Help you find focus and clarity.
Help you to see what is possible to feel in control again.
I can help you reduce your stress & anxiety, before it becomes serious and provide you with a fun packed day of meditation, visualisation and time for you to focus on manifesting
the future of your dreams!

Feedback I’ve Received

What My Clients Are Saying

How was I before I began?

I lacked self belief and confidence.


I needed to love myself more.

How have I changed?

The course made me look my ‘inner child’, through the use of meditations. I feel I got answers to why I lack self belief and confidence and also the steps I need to put in place to ‘Master My Happy’.

I feel that a weight was lifted from my shoulders both through EFT and the guided meditations. 

What’s the best thing about The Finding Your Happy workshop ?

This is a hard one as everything was just brilliant, from start to finish. I loved the whole day and gained so much from it.  

The EFT really helped me, as did the guided meditations and creating the vision board (based upon how I am going to achieve my happy).

Why would I recommend it to anyone?

It is a brilliant day, would happily spend more on it. Worth the money. 

Any other thing you may want to mention?

Fabulous company, love Bernie’s attitude and how positive and honest she is. 

Becki - Finding Your Happy Workshop


Why would I recommend the day? -  It’s a relaxed informative and fun day which has lots of content which is delivered in a down to earth and professional manner by Berni.


Berni knows her stuff and goes at a pace that is appropriate for the activities we were doing.

 It was an amazing mix of exercises which all geared up to you leaving the session with a clearer idea on what your blocks were, how to manage or remove them using EFT and having something visual to take home and remind you of your future vision.  

Marina - Finding Your Happy Workshop

Before I worked with you I was anxious about giving birth given how it's portrayed on tv and the horror stories people like to tell. I knew deep down that birth didn't have to be that way and I knew that's not what I wanted for us as a family. 


Generally before working with you I was such a stressed person I was anxious I lost sleep over things and generally had a negative outlook.


 After I worked with you I was empowered to have the birth I knew was possible. A painless calm home birth which was the most amazing experience of our lives. Generally it made my outlook on life change completely as it introduced me to the power of positive thinking and meditation which I now apply to all aspects of my life.


This has helped me massively as a parent and also helped me deal with difficult times recently.

Stella - Hypnobirthing

I was anxious and desperate. I felt like I was in a hole and couldn't see anything around me.


Everything began to make sense. I could look up from the floor. I knew there was a way out.


I would recommend working with Bernie in order to see the light in the darkness. She makes you feel so looked after and cared about. In that moment, I felt like I was the most important person in the world.


I was very anxious about hospitals more than anything. I would feel faint at the thought of them. I hated needles! The thought of IVF providing what we needed was a massive plus but the feeling of being in hospitals for many, many appointments filled me with dread! Good job I had my personal hypno baking guru sat opposite me at work.

We had 4 sessions throughout the whole process if I remember. The first was life changing. This released my fear and helped me visualise the future. I can still get myself back there and walking along that beach and finding that box in a cave now!

The other sessions were as the IVF was taking place. I skipped into Guys Hospital in London, injected myself twice a day and also was heavily sedated for the egg retrieval! I would never ever in a million years been about to do this without you. You helped me understand all about the power of my subconscious and I truly believed I would have two children and both girls.

Times were hard and the rollercoaster was crazy but if I felt wobbly I would plug you in for 30 mins and all would be fine!

Nicola - IVF - Your Conception Pathway

Make the decision today to change your life and focus on what you really want in your life.

Clear Vision Building! One Day Workshop

Clear Vision Building! One Day Workshop


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