My Story

I am a  Life Change Coach,Therapist & Healer. Here, to Help You to Find Your Happy

I am a registered, Life Change Therapist, qualified in EFT, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Hypnobirthing.

So here is a little about me, some history, so you can get a feel for me and what I can do for you.


I was first diagnosed with Anxiety at 13 and placed on Valium, there wasn't anywhere to go the, no therapists,no one but my friends to turn to. All through my life I have experienced Anxiety & Depression and all through my life I have fought to lead a happy life.

Depression has gripped several members of family sometimes with devastating consequences and now it is time I spoke up. because I can help. I can help you. Through my understanding, my expertise, my experience and my skills acquired as a therapist and healer

I started my journey into the healing and whilst I know this sounds like a bold claim, healing is real, I have experienced it myself and seen it happen to others.



whilst preparing myself for my second divorce. With little or no confidence and suffering from depression & anxiety. I decided that I wanted to change my life and with that one decision my whole world changed.

I trained, first in massage and then in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and the power of the mind absolutely rocked my world. Then came Reiki for my healing firstly, after all 2 marriages, devastating lack of confidence needed to be resolved before I could move on. Then the powerful EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is just Wow it provides long lasting rapid change and results. I use EFT daily in my life, along with meditation and visualization.



Moving from here, I began to help those close to me change their lives too.

It started with a friend who had to have her nose operated on, surgery preparation and accelerated healing ensured that she had little or no bruising and bleeding, the surgeons were amazed at the speed of her recovery, she should have had Black eyes and a bruised face for weeks after but not a thing showed. Just thinking about her amazing results gives me goosebumps. 


Accelerated healing has also played a massive part of my life, Helping others cope with life changing illness, is my passion.

My Mum needed an operation to remove a brain tumor, it was starting to press on blood vessels and needed to come out. She said she would give accelerated healing a go and we prepared with 2 one to one sessions and a CD to listen to over and over again, she prepared in advance of the surgery.

On the day of the operation My sister and I took her to the hospital and left her in the capable hands of the surgical team. 

The story went like this, mum was on the surgical trolley, about to have her head shaved and the canular for the drugs inserted, she had already had her pre-med and in her words, was calm and just wanted to get it over with.


The surgeon then, after reviewing her scans, turned to her and said "The tumor has shrunk Megan, we arent going to operate. What have you been taking ? Mum confirmed that her mediation hadn't changed and then she remembered " the only thing I have done differently is use Hypnosis with my daughter". he said whatever you have done, it has worked and the surgery isn't necessary.

He dismissed the team instructed them to take mum back to her bed and contact us to collect her.

We received the call and proceeded back to the hospital, we were bemused and thought mum had refused the operation. 

We both turned to look at each other when she told us, we couldn't believe it really, but we were over the moon. Mum never did need to have the brain surgery and that was a small miracle in our eyes.

Because of these powerful experiences, my learning doesn't stop, I have studied Buddhist Meditation and more recently Transcendental Meditation techniques and I keep learning, always. I have recently started to paint angels another meditative process for me.

The therapies I have learned and practiced have help me survive and move through some of my darkest times, most recently the loss of my lovely dad and fabulous mum.

Here, it began my work was very clear, it was to help others manage their pain, their loss, their challenges and help them, Help you. change your life.

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